The cloud is more than a Buzz. It’s a way of thinking.


The Vision & The Mission

CloudBuzz was founded for the sole purpose of guiding organizations straight into the cloud industry by offering and escorting every customer through every step: Technologies, tools, platforms, personnel, and anything you can think of, With premium services such as full guidance, 24/7 support, and consultation.
We have grouped a team of experts who served in a leading IDF technology division, and we did it for one simple cause: Grant you the ability to enter the cloud world ASAP, having minimal issues while getting maximum results.
We have great experts, experience, and knowledge to help every organization from any segment, and our portfolio proves a few important points:

  • Flawless reputation of thriving to success in every opportunity
  • Connect the Dots – Holistic vision: Development, Security, Infra and more!
  • Marathon not sprint – Thinking & Planning ahead
  • Bottom Line – Business Processes driven
  • Match made in the cloud – The right consultant for the job
  • Boldly go where no one has gone before – Experts in tackling new products & services
  • Together forever – we never keep the knowledge to ourselves

If you want to join the cloud revolution and start optimizing your performance, we’re here to make it happen – Just contact us and we’ll make the magic happen.


How can we boost your business ?



The art of fast deployment is never easy, but it’ll be much better once we’ll get into the picture, either by helping your development team or bring one of our own to make things right. No matter if we’re talking CI/CD pipeline, containers or automation – We love to do it!

Managed Services


Infrastructure management can be a burden, but we can take it off your digital shoulders. Linux? SaaS applications? We’ve got you covered from the ground up.

Cost Optimization


The cloud work routine is effective, but if you’re not careful – It’ll cost you lots of money. One of our specialties is finding the best route for saving your money, all while keeping the organization’s performance at a top-notch state..



Working in the cloud isn’t a cakewalk, but fortunately, our experience and special migration tools can help you transfer your most valuable assets, core applications, and more, straight into the cloud in a fast and secure way.

Backup & DR


Disasters are something you can’t ignore, and unfortunately – there’s a slight chance you may suffer some consequences. Get yourself ready for a reliable DR solution, strengthened by top-notch backup plans.


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